Creating your treatment calendar

Keeping track of your upcoming appointments is very important. You and your treatment team can use the Interactive Treatment Calendar to create a schedule that shows your future appointments and when you will receive your medicine.

Step 1 On the calendar below, click the date that you and your treatment team chose for you to start taking MONJUVI (tafasitamab-cxix) and lenalidomide. The calendar will then show all of your future MONJUVI infusion days as well as the days when you need to take your lenalidomide pills. You can view these days on a calendar or in a list.

Step 2 Click the “Create Calendar” button to get a copy of your treatment schedule.

Your start date and overall treatment regimen should be determined ONLY through a discussion with your healthcare provider. Treatment with MONJUVI, which is an infusion, will include lenalidomide capsules for as long as your doctor directs. This calendar is intended as a resource for you and your healthcare provider. Information provided in this tool, including any output from its interactive features, should not be considered an alternative to medical advice from your healthcare team.

Your healthcare provider will prescribe a premedication before your MONJUVI infusion to reduce the risk of infusion reactions.

It’s important to tell your healthcare provider about any side effects you may experience during treatment. Your healthcare provider may need to delay or completely stop treatment with MONJUVI if you have severe side effects.