You’ve lived with DLBCL before, so you know the ups and downs that can come with this cancer. Your healthcare team has suggested MONJUVI as a treatment option because your DLBCL has relapsed (returned) or become refractory (did not respond to previous treatment).

Making choices about your treatment

Having to choose your next treatment may be overwhelming. Educating yourself about your options and thinking about what’s important to you can help you and your healthcare team make informed decisions about your treatment.

There is a lot to consider, such as:

Your personal priorities, needs, and preferences

How far you will need to travel for treatment and if you will need caregiver support to get there

How much support (emotional and/or logistical) you will need from family and friends

When treatment can begin, and if you can start right away

Whether this treatment is different from the one(s) you’ve had before

Whether treatment will be given on an outpatient basis or if you will have to be admitted to a hospital or treatment center

Whether you can continue treatment with your current healthcare team

Learn about how MONJUVI was studied and how it may help.